Space Clearing

Space Clearing is simply a method of harmonizing the energies in a home or business, to make it feel good, balanced and in a healthy state of flow.

It uplifts the energy in the space.

The methods of space clearing are ancient and it has been practised in every native culture around the world since the beginning of time.

Everything is energy. All life is energy and we are immersed in an ocean of energy. The energy that is around us is constantly flowing and moving. We are in constant communication with the invisible world around us. We are far more affected than we realize by the subtle vibrations of the people we live and work with and the environment around us.

Your home is comprised of a multitude of overlapping energy fields. In addition of physical realm of your home, there are emotional, spiritual and etheric energies constantly moving within the house.

These energy fields are affected by the materials your home and the objects inside are made of, but all the feelings and thoughts of the current and past inhabitants. Repetitive patterns get deeply imprinted, as do moods and atmospheres.

Any events accompanied by strong emotions or trauma are recorded more intensely.

Permeating spiritual energy fields generated by the trees, the earth and the landscape around the home affects the energy fields of the house.

Ley lines (naturally formed electrical currents that courses through the crust of the earth along channels or lines) also affects the energy of the house.

Also, the Electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) caused by the electrical appliances and electronic devices and resources in the home.

You are not separate from your home. Your home is not just an extension of your thoughts and feeling, but in a larger sense your house is you. You are no less your home than you are your body. Both are outer manifestations of your inner energy fields.

A house mirrors your inner state, your consciousness, same as your body. Personal consciousness can be shifted by shifting energy in the home.

Who Needs Space Clearing

Everyone needs space clearing. We all create a certain amount of psychic grunge on a daily basis, which leaves a residue in our homes.

Energy gets stuck. How much stuck energy builds up depends on how well energy flows and the activities of the people who are living in the place.

Space Clearing clears out the lower levels of stuck energy that hinder our progress, while leaving the beneficial higher levels intact. As we need in everyday living cleaning and tidying, which needs to be done on a physical level, we need to clear our space on a metaphysical level too.

Places that have stagnant energy often make a person feel sluggish, confused, muddled, irritable, worried, stressed, etc. After a space clearing people report that they feel healthier, stronger, clearer, more focused and more at peace.

Space clearing has been reported to lead to quality of life and even health improvements in many individuals.

When Is Space Clearing Needed

* When you feel uncharacteristically uncomfortable or down

* When selling your home, especially if you have difficulty selling it 

* Renting a space

* When buying and moving into a new home to clear away energetic residue of previous occupants

* After a separation/divorce and you want a fresh start

* After an illness or death in the home

* You sense a presence 

* Space-clear old energy to make room feel new and to feel more peaceful

* If you have a business and it is not doing very well or you moved your business to an other location and suddenly the business is down

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