Suresh.Chhabria (Shivomhealing and Allied therapies)

by Suresh
(Thane-East, Maharashtra,India)

I am a Reiki master with an added insight into combining Vedic mantras with Reiki into healing.

My experience with Reiki healing, where karmic healing is required is excellent.

Reiki is a beautiful and a highly effective media to heal even past life karmas.

With Reiki healing at the Aura level(Celestial Level)combined with (reverse) Zonar and other master symbols do great benefit to bring about changes in the thought patterns of the healed,by which a strong sense repentance for the past mistakes is developed in the minds. This brings about fast changes life of the healed, resulting in healing the present and easing off the unwanted hurdles holding over all progress.

Of coarse the healer has to be firmly placed within oneself, not to own the act of healing and be detached to the results and thus help Reiki to Heal.

I am grateful to Reiki to make me use a new symbol which is named as "KO SHA ZI KI RE" which is a combination of master symbols and has been fetching good results since last 10 yrs.

Suresh. Chhabria

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