The Ah Moment

by Andrea

I call this the Ah Moment because that is what it felt like. I am a Reiki practioner. I love giving Reiki and receiving Reiki. It makes me feel Ah!!!

Reiki has changed my life drastically. I believe in myself and purpose in life now. Before, I wondered throughout life questioning who I was? Why did life keep hitting me on the head? What did I do to deserve this?

Then, I met my Reiki Master! She opened my eyes to so much. She taught me that I could forgive my past, improve my present, and look forward to the future! All in one word Reiki!

It doesn't all happen over night but the journey is much brighter! My family and friends are being touched by Reiki. It has opened so many doors for me! I am thankful for all the world and look forward to introducing more to the healing properties of Reiki!

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