The presence

by Kate Carter Steeves
(Nova Scotia Canada)

I was in Barbados when I received my Reiki level one, from a lovely devotee named Varity.

This S day we had a hurricane! I love high energy days now.

Seven years prior to this I was in therapy for post drama stress disorder with a lovely Buddhist monk and Marshall artist.He taught me many new insights on myself and how to respond to life.I have learned to smile at my follies.

However I’m getting off track of my story.
He taught me to imagine a beautiful safe place , a sacred place, a gate,two spirit guides bring me to a temple. In my mind I saw a well, and drank from the well.We used this for the next seven years,and I moved for work To Barbados.

Varity introduced me to REIKI BOTH SHE AND I knew that it was right for me.I had not accepted gods boundless love and state of grace as yet nor was I even interested in it,I just knew Reiki was a holy healing tool and I wanted in some small part myself to be engaged in this process of trusting the universal divine.

So the day came for us to,begin our class.Verity began her classes with a visualization. The day she chose a very personally potentially correct one for my alignments.

I was relaxed and ready, I was lead in through a large gate, down a pathway by two spirit guides a man and a women.We come to a temple, with a Well, turn and walk up,three steps and into a temple. Off of my left shoulder I can see the sea through a wide opening,off my right shoulder I see a statute of holy ancestors,and directly in front of me about 6 feet acrylic as the room is a shelf half way up the stone wall with a Grail on it.I walked over picked up the Grail and drank of the crystal clear Reiki energy.

A tingling began in my head, my toes, my belly, then all through me came this light energy,and I knew a presence so holy I could not speak for a long time at least a few hours.Neither of these two teachers knew each other they lived over 2000 miles apart.I had no interest in historical sights,I had no religious training of any significance.

The next seven years would see changes in me and my life of nothing short of miracles,no more smoking,no more drinking,gone were days wasted watching movies on how to enjoy life.

I stared to sing my music and compose songs teach voice and moved to live in quiet space by a lake also close to the sea.

I love the sea and believe now that Reiki somehow consolidated me and my goodness that I subconsciously carried from past lives.

My friends are genuine seekers and practitioners,my life is extraordinary in many ways I’m not rich yet I want for nothing,I’m not popular but I’m never without a friend.

I practice Reiki for those in this world and those who have crossed over, like my son last year. I'm so grateful for Reiki in my little life and for the teachers who lite me up.

May you walk in beauty all your days.

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