The Promise

by Elizabeth Carroll
(Georgetown, KY. USA)

There was a tragedy, then 2 months later I was terribly assaulted and then started becoming very sick with no answer's.

I started to investigate things of my past and who I have become and have concerns of a confused attached spirit with much unfinished business and unresolved grief with some member's of this circle. After my research I think he's attached to myself and his wife but my body is so weak now with stomach issues and head trauma and anxiety out of this world and, unexplainable pain as thou I have the worst whiplash I've ever heard of.

I have already been the one to have a premonition of his accident 2 weeks before he was killed but we had not spoken and his father said he told him he thought he felt like he was going to die. It has taken me 17 months to start trying to figure out what has happened to me. I am different with many of his characteristics then every now and then my great grand father seems to be coming from me as well.

Since I was barely 14 I have had death premonition's all my life and, they were bothersome enough. Then weird intuition in later life and, now for the past 11 yr's come July the number 13 stays on top of me and.

Now all this and, dr's don't have any certain diagnoses and, I am starting to freak out I know whatever is wrong there is a possibility that I could die from this I don't know anywhere else to look for all the answer's.


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Jan 03, 2017
Read Journey of the Souls
by: Anonymous

Dear Promise: You may be carrying residual information and/or trauma from past lives. It may sound strange, and I didn't believe it myself until I read "Journey of the Souls." Through hypnotherapy, this therapist was able to chronicle the experiences of numerous clients bin early childhood, past lives and in the spiritual realm. Many carried health issues that had no explanation in this life, but found their roots in past lives. Read the book. You may find some answers. Best of luck to you in your quest for wholeness.

Jul 13, 2016
by: Rebekah

My personal recommendation is Dr. Kimberly McGeorge. She has the tech necessary to scan you and resolve the causes. I have been dealing with an extremely strange and dark, unexplained situation and she has been a tremendous help. I've searched high and low and she is one of the only people I've found who is experienced enough and skilled enough to get the job done. The healer Donna Chimera may also be able to help. All the best.

Apr 25, 2016
Entity clearing
by: Anonymous

Hi Elizabeth,

Look for someone who does entity clearing. But look for a person who does know what he or she is doing.

Meanwhile you can pray and ask the entity to go to
the light/God. You can purchase sage and clear your aura with the same intention. You can look it up on the internet how to do it.


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