Twin flame aura colors?

I believe I have found my twin flame. His photo is in the background of a few of them and I have one of just him by himself. Time keeps us separated currently. But, each of our spiritualities has grown epically since our meet.

I've never experienced and felt something so indescribable as what him and I have together. We have each endured a lifetime of pain, sorrow and grievance. But we have learned many lessons from it all. We've healed as well as grown spiritually with each other.

I have many abilities myself, visions of future, telepathy, empathy, but seeing auras isn't one as of yet. I believe I am a star seed, Lyran maybe? I just havent pinpointed which one exactly. I feel as if I am many types.

I've always had this universal wisdom or "knowings" without knowing why or how I know. I'm currently trying to heal from all my past trauma, and have come a long way thus far though I still have a long way to go.

Can anyone see each of our auras? Both his and My aura colors?

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