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There is ONLY ONE WAY for most small businesses to succed, yet, most small busnesses DO NOT do it!

It is a very simple concept:


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If you need a website, I encourage you to develop it yourself. After all you are the One who knows your business the best. But do not forget that getting a website is only 10% of the job.Promoting it and getting targeted prospects to visit is the other 90%(do not worry, SBI takes care of everything).

There is an amazing set of business tools that will let anyone yes, even you develop a great website with no technical skills. If I could do it, you can do it!

SiteBuildIt! is the perfect e-tool for the small-business owner.

Typical barriers to any online success - mastering technology, traffic generation, e-marketing and so on,have been almost totally eliminated by Site Build It!'s invisible proprietary technology.

I am personally using it and I love it. I am highly recommending it to you too!

The Net Offers a wealth of opportunities to service sellers and/or local businesses, but not many of them are using it to its fullest potential.

Ken Evoy, M.D.(a fellow Canadian) is a president of SiteSell.com and he is a leader in Net marketing products. Their product, Site Build It! is considered a "quantum leap" product that puts the power of the Net into the average, small business person who may not "know tech"...but knows his or her business.

SiteBuildIt! is the perfect tool for service sellers/local businesses, SOHO and any small-small-businesses. No matter if your customers come from around the block (like a holistic practice or any other service), or from across the globe (if you are Programmer).

As a local business/service seller you can use Site Build It! to grow locally. Or you can create a new global revenue stream. Or both!

Why to use SiteBuildIt! For Your Site?

The answer is, because it is an amazingly simple tool that helps you to Automate EVERY single aspect of Writing, Hosting and Promoting Your Web Site. It is a perfect all-tools-one-place solution for everybody who wants to have a website, but have no idea where and how to start, just as myself.

If you know how to stack blocks, you can build a SBI! site. Just Point-And-Click.

It makes FAST and EASY for you, even if you are a complete newbie, to build a Professional, Popular and Profitable Web BUSINESS.

SBI! takes away all the technology and complexity of building and marketing your web site.

You do not need to know HTML, the software does everything for you. You do not need a Search Engine Optimization Expert or any other Secret Strategy to learn and you will get High Ranking on the search engines and free traffic from them. Visit SBI!

Receintly Store Build It! has ben launched which is the best online store platform in the word. Why? Because StBI! has success built into it! It gives step-by-step instructions, so you never get lost making your online store a reality. For more info visit StBI!

And last, but not least, SBI! is far less expensive than the cost of a Yellow Pages ad! It is truly a cost effective web presence solution - that WORKS!

Click here to take a quick tour now to see all the benefits.

Read third party reviews of sites that were built by SBI!, visit sample sites built by real people or read case studies.

The bottom line? SBI! builds sites that WORK for ANY Small Business!

You might say: "I love it, but I just don't have the time." No problem! You can find a Certified Webmaster at this Directory, click here, and they will take care of everything for you!

If you master "The Big 3", your web business must succeed:

1. Develop a great product

2. Build a site that really sells

3. Attract a targeted traffic to the site.

MYSS!2000 really shows you how to sell on the NET. It is often called the "Bible of the Selling On the Net".

MYSS! will show you step-by-step about:

Product Development -- and how to position products for the web
Site Selling -- how to make a site that convinces visitors to buy
Traffic Building -- how to attract targeted traffic to your site.

Please visit MYSS! for more information.

Download and Learn From The Master Courses

I also encourage you to download the Master Courses which cover all the vital must-get-it-right issues with fresh, original and valuable thinking. You will not read anything like this anywhere else. And best of all, they are free!

They teach you how to sell what you already know and love and what you are good at.

There are three ways to do that...

Service Selling Masters Course

1)SELL YOUR SERVICE. People will pay for your skills or knowledge, if they feel, in the long run, that it is cheaper to pay you for your service than to spend the time to figure something out and do it on their own. SiteSell's Service Sellers Master Course shows you how to use the Net to build your service business ( any business, even if you do not have one ). The possibilities are endless. The Service Sellers Master Course shows you how to use the net to build a client base in a fast, cost-effective way, whether your clients are local or global in nature.

The course focuses 100% on helping you, the Service Seller, succeed.

It leads you, step by step, day by day, through a process...

...from developing a Site Concept...to brainstorming hundreds of profitable related keyword...to building a themed site that establishes credibility and inspires t... to generating motivated, targeted traffic that wants to contact you ...to nurturing ongoing relationships through a high-value e-zine.

Click here to download The Service Sellers Master Course e-book.

And while I do totally endorse SBI! as the perfect system for building a profitable service business online, you may well find that the course itself is really all you need SBI! simply delivers the tools to make it even easier and faster to get the job done.

2) Represent the products of others and collect commissions.(It works perfectly with # 1 or by itself).As an affiliate, you never have to manufacture a product, process an order, ship anything, or answer customer support e-mails. It is a great way to get started in e-commerce. Just find manufacturers who make products related to the area that you know, join their affiliate programs and start referring business and earning income. If this interest you, take the Affiliate Masters Course. No matter what your passion, knowledge or interest, this course will show you how to convert it into income.

The course shows anyone how to become a high earning affiliate champion.Yes, it applies to any person who is interested in starting any kind of business. Most affiliates start wrong and then just keep adding to that. Take this course and get your affiliate vehicle out of that dead end and onto a superhighway.

Click here to download the Affiliate masters Course.

Create and sell an e-good (an infoproduct). What is the most important part of Web marketing? Just about every marketing guru agrees...it's having your own proprietary product. And here is the good news...that product lies somewhere within you... but you are too close to see it.

The advantages here are the high profit margins, the ability to automate, and the rewards of directly impacting the lives of others through your own works! Again, SiteSell offers the InfoProduct Master Course.

This course shows you how to brainstorm, create, produce, and sell your very own infoproduct online....all in only 10 days.

To take the course ...Click on this link and send an e-mail.

IMPORTANT: Please enter "MASTERS" (all capital letters, without quotes)at the beginning of the subject line or you will not receive the course. We do thisto eliminate the spambots that spammers use to spider this address and spam it.If you do not add MASTERS, the e-mail is considered spam and will be deleted,so you won't get the course. So please...add MASTERS to the subject.

Netwriting is a mission-critical skill that you will need. If you start an affiliate business, your words must PREsell. Service-sellers must use words to build TRUST, if you hope to get that first phone call or e-mail to try your service.And, if you are also selling your own infoproduct, your words must persuade your visitor to buy. No matter what you sell on the Net...if you want to sell more, write better. Use the right words. Because words sell, not graphics or technology. The Netwriting Master Course will show you show you how, and it is not hard at all.

Click here to download the Netwriting Masters Course.

And naturally, when you sell your own product, the most important decision you will ever make is how much to charge for it. Do you have an idea for a new product? Discover a huge secret of top companies...do a feasibility study. You could save yourself a ton of time and money. Do not waste a year and a lot of money developing a product that no one will pay for it!...Download the Make Your Price Sell Master Course.

This is the best information on the Net about pricing products and services. Price with complete confidence and double your profits!

Click here to download the Make Your Price Sell Master Course.

Finally, online auctions are increasingly interesting way for online entrepreneurs to build a business. If you are still searching for your online niche, stop hunting and check out the Net Auction Master Course today. It will provide you with the information and confidence you need to start and grow a profitable Net auction business. The auction business is the perfect e-biz for anyone, start-up cost and investment risks are minimal, the profit potential is high... and it is fun!

To download the e-book format...click here!


You will also find the above mentioned and other free e-books at the SiteSell's site. I guarantee, these downloads will be your MOST Significant Downloads!

SPECIAL NOTE: You will need ADOBE ACROBAT READER to read the e-book format of the Master Courses.

If you do not have it, please download it now. It only takes a few minutes to download and install this free software...

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat reader.


The main purpose of your website is to collect email addresses.

When someone visits your website, the chances of you gettin the order the first time they land on your website are slim. But if can get their email addresses, you can follow up with them, and increase your chances of converting her into a customer.

The email allows you to connect with prospects and build relationships. It is the "killer" application of the Internet. It's the one tool that everybody uses.

The number of email addresses is expected to increase from 891 million at the beginning of 2001, to 1.2 billion in 2005.

The competition is heating up and companies are scrambling to put together email campaigns. Email marketing services are popping up. Opt-in email has hit the big time.

What's happening? Why the fuss all of a sudden?

So, if you already have one of those "ego" sites - all about you, your company and the product you sell you need to make some changes. People don't care about you. They only care about themselves.

And if they don't see something that interest them the minute they arrive, you know what will happen don't you? Click and Next!

Don't get me wrong - you should include that information somewhere on your website, but it should not be the first thing they see.

Consumers are bombarde with an average of 3,000 ad messages per day...

Consumers are tired of wading through too many e-mails. They're starting to ignore and filter out the clutter. They're choosing which email they will read, and who they'll do business with. Everyone gets the delete key.

Buy the time many companies realize that permission email is the way to reach consumers, it will be too late to catch up. Their competitors will have a huge head start in building their opt-in lists and customer realtionships. Why?

...Because email works. Over 88% of consumers have bought something because of an email message!

People will generally open, read and respond to their email, especially when it comes from the company they know and do business with.

Building stronger relationships with your existing customers is simply good business. It's a lot easier to keep an old customer than to go out and find a new one.

Emal marketing has exploded and it is called Permission Based Marketing. It is simple. You send your marketing messages to customers who've given you permission to send them email. This is very different from traditional marketing, which typically interrupts the consumer to try to get their attention.

Permission email allows you to deliver welcome messages to your customers. What a great deal!

Using email you can build relationships with consumers. The real power of email is in the way it connects you with people in an amazingly personal way - if you use it properly.

But there might be a problem when you send out your e-zine, newsletter, e-mail of any sort. You actually have no idea how many will REACH your subscribers and how many will get filtered, junked, trashed along the way.


Simple ansver...spam.

Spam has reach epidemic levels--so much that ISPs have been forced to combat it with filtering software. Legitimate marketers are getting caught up and hurt, even though they are not the target.

E-mail is the lifeline that connects marketers to their customers, affiliates and prospective clients. As I already mentioned, e-mail is so vital, one really can't function effectively without it.

Now your readers and customers can stay out of the Junk Mail Folder, because SiteSell's SpamCheck will check your newsletter or e-mail for "spamines" and send back a Report in seconds. And it is free!

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