What can you experience when practicing Reiki?

by ReikiWindow.com

When people practicing Reiki are asked whether they can physically feel it with their body, they stop to think and choose to describe the experience in such words that would be easier to understand for someone who has no experience with energy.

Talking about subtle sensations that are difficult to describe, one is at risk of being misunderstood, therefore, it is better to choose simple words. For example, the first times your legs and arms become heavy, your body feels gentle warmth and shivers, as if a cold draught is blowing. The body may relax to such extent, that the lying position resembles a floating in the air. Since such an effect is hardly ever felt in life without Reiki, it is an extraordinary sensation.

It is not difficult to describe the basic Reiki effect on the well-being. Usually, after the first sessions a person feels an overall improvement of his well-being, manifested in a better mood, gone inner tension, and increased vital tone – his natural inner balance is coming to him.

But how to describe sensations, that are hard to describe?

For example, the effect of Reiki, practiced before sleep, ends in the first stage, when energy is felt in various forms that absorb the person and put him to sleep. Usually this happens in the first minutes of the session, when the body is already somewhere in between the reality and the fantasy, and the person who is practicing it has not realized that yet. He wakes up only in the morning having such a good rest that it cannot be compared to anything – it’s like being born, young and healthy again. Perhaps this could be best described by the word “vital” – the feeling is so fresh that one can wonder every time they experience it. The body feels it as its genuine natural state, as if it should always be this way because this was the way the body was born. This effect is hard to describe and even harder to understand to those who have not experienced Reiki.

Therefore, the only rational (if this word can be used in this context at all) advice to those who wish to know what to expect from Reiki would be “You have to try it!”. If you want to understand it, you need to try it; there is no any other way around.

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