Your Health is your only Wealth

by Kimberly Solari
(United Kingdom)

Your Health is your only Wealth

Your Health is your only Wealth

My name is Kimberley Solari and I am the author of ‘Your Health is your only Wealth’. I have been treating cancer patients using Reiki Energy and Vibrational Sound Healing for over 15 years and through my controlled trials I have discovered that our bodies have their own unique symphony.

Pharmaceutical companies have been working on a cure for cancer for decades and are no nearer to their goal now than when they first started. This is very disappointing especially when they have all the resources and money they need to have already achieved their goal.

Government has stated that 1 in 3 of us will be diagnosed with cancer and this number does not include children, whose cancer is on the increase. For me however it's not about finding a cure.

My passion is:-
1. Preventing cancer taking a hold on the body and;
2. helping people achieve long term remission.

In my book 'Your Health is your only Wealth', I lay out very clearly and in an easy to understand format, how you can prevent cancer affecting your life. You will read many testimonials from real cancer patients who, having received my treatment, are now living full and healthy lives, in remission.

To many of you this concept will challenge your thinking on how we manifest cancer and disease and how it can be put into remission through Reiki Energy and Vibrational Sound Healing.

I strongly believe I can contribute towards stopping cancer manifesting itself within our bodies.

I look forward to your thoughts.

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